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s_da_sdmmc_write_failed error

 Hi Sarang,

 I tried the steps mentioned in this post for stock rom v1, but I received this error: s_da_sdmmc_write_failed.
 if i try V3, I get not enough space error.
What should I do?

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Which post did you followed? Partition or rooting?

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(22-01-2015, 07:52 PM)'Sarang' Wrote: Which post did you followed? Partition or rooting?


My phone 110q is bricked. I have followed your old post:Here is Guide to how to Unbrick you Canvas 2 Plus A110Q by Stock ROM V1

While doing this i got this error. When i use V3 ROM, i get not enough space error.


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make sure USB flashing drivers are installed properly.
If that don't works, flash CWM and then flash any custom rom like MIUI,etc from xda

also if you want i'll post cwm zip of stock rom here, but try driver part properly. Uninstall previous drivers when phone is detected in off mode, be quick. its posted in driver thread. check it out

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