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Root Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus Stock ROM V2


Here we are going to root V2 ROM for Canvas 2 Plus A110q. Micromax is giving Stock ROM V2 pre-loaded with newer Canvas 2 Plus phones. It has no touch freeze problem and is bugless. But the problem arising is it cant be rooted in a normal way. They have loaded many bloat apps which has made system memory full which makes it impossible to install root binaries. But there is a way to root it if we make some space and then install root exploit it will work. It can be done via CWM and scripting. I found similar script and SU binaries. It moves some default apps and make space to install superuser.

Follow the steps properly.

Quote:This guide is to Root Stock ROM V2. If you have V1 ROM there is a different procedure. Click Here! You can find V1 or V2 by seeing your phone's "Custom Build Version" in Settings > About.
If it ends with "xx_MMX_12_flasher_user" then its V1 and if it is "xx_MMX_16_flasher_user" then it is V2.

Steps to Root Canvas 2 Plus A110q V2 ROM:

  1. You need to flash CWM recovery using SP-Flash Tools. First install drivers from here: Flashing Drivers
  2. Download and Extract SP-Flash Tools :
  3. Download and Extract Scatter File and Preloader files from here:
  4. Download, Extract and Rename as recovery.img :
  5. Put Preloader, recovery.img and scatter file in one folder. Open Flash_tool.exe from SP_FLASH Tools
  6. Select "Scatter-loading" and select "MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt" from created folder and Select "Download" option, it will search for phone now (note two files are selected that are in folder)
  7. Switch OFF the phone. Connect it with USB (in OFF state only) (proper divers must be installed as said above)
  8. If all goes well you'll see data transfer. At the end there will be Green Circle in middle of screen which means recovery is flashed.
  9. Download SuperUser binaries and place zip file in root of your sdcard :
  10. Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button for some seconds and enter recovery mode
  11. Select install zip from sdcard and select the downloaded file. Flash it.
  12. Check if it is properly rooted with root checker app

*** I prefer you must backup in CWM after step 10. So your data remains safe.

Video Tutorial:

**Thanks to User: Vaibhav

Once it is rooted, remove bloat stock apps and free up some space. Then you can remove this root and re-root again with traditional method and/or you can also replace stock recovery if you dont need cwm.
Ask your queries in comments.

Note: Rooting voids your warranty. So know the consequences before doing it. Though it take hardly 15 mins to make phone back in warranty. Wink
Also if your phone gets damaged, I am not responsible for it but I will help you to get it back working. Smile

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Guys please help me....
My phone is not booting....
It shows only boot screen and stucks there,...
Please help me....

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(10-01-2014, 10:15 PM)RexTheKing Wrote: Guys please help me....
My phone is not booting....
It shows only boot screen and stucks there,...
Please help me....
flash the stock rom.., go to this thread to reflash the stock rom again..

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sir thanks for this info. i have successfully rooted my micromax a110q v2 and removed the bloatware like mlive and other uh... garbage.

but in the last line you mentioned that the phone maybe re rooted again using normal root method.

i am only asking is this absolutely necessary? everything is working great. Supersu performing as expected ( asking for permissions) and root task killers like ZD box are also working great.

thanks for this tutorial, i am hoping that i will be a productive member of this community. :-)

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Hey, nice to hear from you.. That not at all necessary. But i have mentioned if for some reason there is problem, then there are other methods too.. Smile

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After completing above 5 steps mentioned
Going to 6thstep.....After selecting MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt
clicked on download option I have getting an error like this(mentioned in screenshot)
How should I proceed to next option?
Please help me sir.....

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De-select everything else.. Only keep recovery and preloader selected. And make sure image file and preloader are in same folder as of scatter file..

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whenever i try to install the package on step 11 ... it says update aborted ...
please help

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again download the package and retry. the file is working fine with others. Make sure you are selecting file properly

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what about IMEI ? how to back up it ?

Thanks given by:

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