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Reverse Tether–Use Your PC’s Internet Connection On Your Android [ROOT REQUIRED]

Most of our readers are already aware of the capability of Android devices to share their internet connection with other users, via a WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth tether, and honestly, this feature does come in handy very frequently for people like me.
However, have you ever wondered if you could use your computer’s internet connection on your smartphone or any other Android device.
Here’s your answer – you can reverse tether and use your computer’s internet connection on your Android device by using a simple tool! What the tool basically does is that it fools your device into thinking that there is a working data connection when there actually isn’t one. This is because, your device needs to know it is having a working internet connection – cellular or WiFi – to be able to send and receive data over the network using any app of your choice.
This is exactly what the Reverse Tether tool does for you; it fakes an internet connection so that your apps can talk to the internet for you. Also, this is something not permitted by the Android OS and thus, you need a rooted device.
Before Starting the tool :
  • Ensure you have debugging enabled on your phone :
    Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging > Turn On
    If the Development Option is not available then goto About Phone and locate Build number. Now constantly keep pressing on Build number for 4-5 times and go back and check for Developer options.
    [Image: 256twm1.jpg]
  • Ensure you have root access AND SuperUser application installed.
    Change the superuser settings (Menu -> Preferences -> Notifications part) :
    Uncheck "Notifications" label to display "Do not show notification when an app is granted Su Permissions". And goto Settings>Access>Default Access here make it Grant (optional)
    It is advisable to turn off notifications in your SuperUser app so that you don’t get flooded with those, since the Reverse Tether app usually invokes permissions very often, which results in a notification each time.
[Image: vq1e2f.jpg]
Now download this file and extract it on your pc. After the extraction you'll get 3 files
[Image: 14wszo9.jpg]
Again extract the, these files should be present there.
[Image: vnmubs.jpg]
Now come to the phone part.
Transfer the Usb_Tunnel.apk into your phone and install it.
Now let do the tethering :
  • Connect your phone to the PC whose internet you are going to share through the usb cable and make sure you're connected in the MTP Mode.
  • Now open the Usb tunnel app on your phone. You should get this kinda screen.
[Image: 24cwdg5.jpg]
  • On your PC, open the extracted windows folder and run the AndroidTool.exe
[Image: eb7deb.jpg]
Note: Make sure the Usb Debugging is switched on orelse your device won't be listed. Refreshing the device list may help.
  • If everythings fine till here, You're ready to hit the connect button.
  • After a tons of programming texts, finally you'll be connected.
[Image: 34rycuh.jpg]
Now try surfing the internet via any browser. It should work, if not try reconnecting.

Now you guys may be wondering why I gave you the HackConnectivityService.apk. So here's it's part.
This step is optional, required only if you want to download from market.
This will install some low level program.
Don't worry, I didn't brick my phone and tablet during the development.

Google Market/Play :
  • Download Xposed Installer and install it.
  • Open Xposed Installer and goto Framework, select Install/Update and reboot your phone.
  • Now install Hack Connectivity Service and goto Xposed Installer>Modules and check the Hack Connectivity Service.
[Image: Ex8qfXS.png?1]
    • Now again goto Framework and select Install/Update and Reboot(do not select Soft Reboot)

  • Open Hack Connectivity Service and select Hack Wifi.
[Image: nn8zgm.jpg]
Now everything should work flawlessly.

Not fully working application but work if you install the HackConnectivityService on your android device:
  • Playstore Download
  • Spotify
  • Skype. (not checked yet)
  • If someone know another one, post a reply !
Disclaimer : This is my first post so please ignore the mistakes if any. And I'am not responsible for any damage, if caused, to your device in case anything goes wrong, although i'll try my best to sort it out. Rooting your device might void your warranty, discretion advised.
Download link in case u don't find above : Reverse Tethering by AkakZz
So best of luck and comments are welcome.

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