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Reborn/Downgrade to cm 11

Hi Guys.....i M Back with my next Tutorial

Reborn CM 11 from cm 12
Or any custom ro


Downgrade your Yureka now possible with Just Double Clik.
*** Warning***
of course don't blame me/yureka team if anything goes wrong with your device.
Do it on your own risk. And you will be responsible for your actions.


Well working Yureka.
Debugging on, Allow mock location on
1. Make sure you have usb drivers installed properly and your bootloader is unlocked. (Prefer pdanet driver)

Check if your bootloader is unlocked using the following command in fastboot:

fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem device-info

If value is true so its means your yureka bootloader already unlocked

If your yureka not unlock then unlock it with this command via fastboot mod:-

fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock

Note: Unlocking bootloader will erase all your data with internal storage but it will not erase SDCard
 Download cm11 fastboot images… from here
(Copy this link d paste in browser and then download it)

And also download this file…
(Copy this link d paste in browser and then download it)
Extract both .zip files in one/same folder on desktop.. see in picture….

Attach Your Yureka with fastboot mod and click on Back_To_CM11.bat and check if you have no errors.
 If you face any error it means your file is corrupted in this situation flash CM12 Fastboot images. If no face any error then
 Follow step in command window. (Like press any key to continued)

Follow all step carefully..
Do not remove your yureka while processing.
When All commands finish yureka Automatically reboot
 Automatically Unlock Bootloader
Enjoy Give highfive
Say Thanks in comment box
Special Thanks to
RDS & Xda Family




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