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MediaTek Chipset Vulnerability allows to hack Micromax, Xolo, Gionee, Lava phones

MediaTek Chipset Vulnerability allows to hack Micromax, Xolo, Gionee, Lava, Karbonn phones!! 

[Image: MicromaxLogo_Website.jpg] [Image: mediatek-chip.jpg]

[Image: xolo-logo.jpg]

Smartphones running on MediaTek processor are now vulnerable to a hack which is done by a simple SMS.
By this phone can be remotely rebooted by simply sending a SMS.

Founded by a blogger, phones with this chipset can easily be Rebooted by just sending SMS with "=" sign. When this SMS is received by the phone, it processes a soft reboot. No data loss or any other effect is seen yet. So it can be said as a safe hack, but still it can be very annoying when misused because you cannot stop incoming SMS. 

The symbol is a meaning for Reboot for Processor. I hope that there is no such hack for Factory Reset of phone. Wink Else that would be a very serious issue. No statements made by MediaTek but it's soon expected that some actions might be taken. Also Micromax and other companies should normalize this bug in their coming updates.

Phones tested: Micromax A110Q, Canvas 2.2, Canvas Turbo, Xolo. You can reply here if it's working for you or not. 

TIP/Warning: You can make your friends go Mad. Just ensure active SMS pack. Big Grin

Source: Internet/Facebook/Self SMS Wink



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