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How To Change Boot Logo(NOT ANIM)

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How To Change Boot Logo

This guide shows how to change the boot logo, not the boot animation.
Boot logo is the logo that is shown before the animation.just like our "canvas".

Tools required:
1) Logo Builder - here
2) Stock logo.bin -Get the file from your device (/dev/logo)
3) Required boot logo files, in png format
4)Some Brain.

Once you have the required files, extract Logo Builder
Rename the file from your device (logo) to logo.bin.

1) Open LogoBuilder.exe

2) Click Create New Project

3) Select the logo.bin file you extracted from the device

4) Make a new folder for the project, any name will work

5) Select the folder and click on OK

You will see a progress bar running down. After finishing, you will get a whole bunch of images in the above selected folder


1) Open the folder containing all the images
2) Make a note of the sizes of img1.png and img39.png

The desired boot logo file must be a png file having resolution same as that of img1.png

3) Delete only img1.png and img39.png
4) Rename the desired boot logo file to img1.png and paste it in the folder
5) Make a copy of img1.png and rename it to img39.png
6) Click on Make button

In the selected folder, you'll get a file named
Flash that file using cwm and enjoy the new boot logo

[Image: signature_2_zps19df9169.gif]

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