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Hi all,

This is a short tutorial on how to unlock the YU Yureka.

[ requirements ]
1.YU yureka phone
3.Working Datacable.
4.ADB & Fastboot

[ steps ]
Download PDA from here
Now extract ADB & Fastboot  on a temporary folder in c:\
Power down phone
while pressing VOLUME UP key connect the phone to PC/Laptop via USB cable
Now install PDA to pc
It will install drivers and detect u r device(please wait for the driver installation to complete)
Now goto u r extracted folder and
  1. pressing the SHIFT key right click in the folder and select "Open command prompt here"
  2. now a Command Prompt window will open up
  3. type the following command to check if the device was detected in fastboot mode
    • fastboot -i 0x1ebf devices

if you dont any output it means that the drivers werent correctly installed or the device wasnt connected properly.
Chech again the above steps.
  1. if the output is similar to above then run the following command Then press this:
    • fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock
now reboot from fastboot mode and thats it [Image: clear.png]fastboot -i 0x1ebf reboot
And now u r having u r bootloader unlocked Big Grin

ADB & Fastboot






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